Monday, July 1, 2013

Wine Ice Cream? YES PLEASE!

Something new and amazing has recently come to my attention.(Thank you Pinterest!) If you already know about this life-changing new product, please just think back to the first time you heard about it and join me in a state of pure excitement. This is the closest I've felt to a child on Christmas morning in a long time. What new discovery has me so delighted? Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce WINE ICE CREAM!

Can you imagine... Didn't get that promotion at work, your car breaks down, or maybe your significant other leaves you. Now you won't have to face the burdensome discussion of reaching for the bottle of wine or the carton of ice cream. You can have both, at the same time! Mercer's Dairy, based out of New York, has accomplished the noble feat of infusing ice cream with wine. It's a patented recipe that mixes 12% butter fat and 5% alcohol by volume. Each pint is equal to a 6 ounce glass of wine. You've probably all seen wine slushies or smoothies at wine bars and wineries, but this wine ice cream has already won national and international awards for taste! Mercer's has come up with 6 different flavor combinations including Red Raspberry Chardonnay and Cherry Merlot. 

At first only the residents of New York were lucky enough to indulge in an adult ice cream cone, but now Mercer's is shipping their decadent wine ice cream all around the world. I have placed my order and look forward to doing a vlog reviewing the wine ice cream. Order your own Mercer's Wine Ice Cream HERE!

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