Monday, April 21, 2014

Chandler Hill VIP Tasting and Tour

We took advantage of our first Missouri Wines passport program reward this month with some friends at Chandler Hill Vineyards.  The Level 2 prize for visiting 30 wineries last year included a VIP wine taste and tour for up to eight people.  We chose Chandler Hill Vineyards because they have a large variety of wines to sample and was within a close vicinity to where we reside.

We didn't know what we would experience, but all of our expectations were blown out of the water when we were greeted with a private seating section and a glass of sparkling wine.  The next thing that surprised us was the amount of food that they served with the taste.  From gourmet cheeses to bbq pulled pork sandwiches as well as an assortment of cheesecake, it truly was a feast fit for kings.  

Our hostess customized our wine tasting based on the overall palette of the group, which was dry to sweet Missouri whites.  The favorite of the group was most definitely the dry Vignoles that was poured first, though the Cold Spring Rosé came in at a close second.  We were served five generous tastings, in addition to our sparkling wine starter, which paired splendidly with the canapé.  

Following our exquisite wine tasting, we were hosted to a winery tour by the CEO, Chuck Gillentine.  It wasn't a far journey, just downstairs to the cellar under their tasting bar.  Chuck explained what wines they produced on-site and the process they utilize.  For our last taste we opted for a barrel sampling during the tour.  The wine of choice was our favorite Missouri red, the Chambourcin.  It was delightfully smooth yet still had potential given more time in the cellar.  The taste and tour were an enlightening glimpse at the inner workings of this winery.

Overall, we could not have been more pleased with our choice of Chandler Hill for our VIP Taste and Tour. The service was impeccable, the food was well paired, and the wine was superb.  Visiting 30 wineries wasn't easy, and this award felt well deserved.  We look forward to our Level 3 reward of a Food and Wine pairing which we chose St. James to host coming up in May, stay tuned.