Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wine Review - St. James Winery: Pioneer Red

St. James Winery's  Pioneer Red is a blend of Norton, Chambourcin and Rougeon with 12% alcohol and .03% residual sugar.

The color could be best described as a deep crimson plum. The aroma is full of berries, plum and a hint of yeast. When tasting the wine, you start with a tart burst that makes your lips pucker, quickly followed  by a smooth, peppery finish.

Neither of us are huge Norton fans, so this wine provided a mellower option that was very easy to drink. I would love to pair it with salami or lasagna, but it would also be a nice wine to drink by a fireplace on a romantic night. Overall, we are big fans of the Pioneer Red and will need to stock up to ensure we always have some to serve guests.

Side Note: This wine was created to honor Missouri wine pioneers, St. James Winery founders Jim and Pat Hofherr.   CHEERS TO THEM BOTH!

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