Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Exploding Blackberry Wine

by: Michael Crowell

We feel compelled to let you know that the wine that we had prepared, tasted, and then racked seemed to be our best work yet. 

The blackberry wine had originally been made in early December with fresh blackberries purchased at a local grocery store.  We bought 20 lbs of blackberries to make about three gallons of wine.  

After the juice was prepared and yeast was added, it sat in primary fermentation for about a month and then was transferred to a secondary fermentation chamber for about another half a month.  We then bottled it about a week ago.  

Little did we know the lurking error of our ways when the room we were storing it in rose just a few degrees in temperature these last few days.  When Davina went to use the dryer this morning it must have pushed the temperature over the limit that yeast preferred and got them going strong because wine is now all over our basement storage room (in places we barely knew existed).

Luckily not all was lost in the two bottle explosion and we have almost a half bottle of delicious, bubbly blackberry wine.

Salud to seeing the positives in this situation.  The other three bottles left have found themselves a new home in the garage.

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