Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Wine Resolutions

by: Davina Horton

As a new year begins, Michael and I sat down to think about some things we want to accomplish and discover this year with a specific focus on WINE. We have grown together into amateur wine connoisseurs but still have a lot of uncharted wine territory to explore. Here are the resolutions we hope to stick to and accomplish in 2013:

First and foremost, we are diving back, head first into the Missouri Wine Passport program. This year we will reach the top level of 100 Missouri wineries visited. We both are very confident and excited to get started on this goal. I'm eager to see what the Western and Northern wineries have to offer, as well as visit all of my favorites once again. We already have our first winery weekend planned for January 6th to Augusta. Let the games begin.

This goal is somewhat specific to myself. Over this last year, I have somewhat turned my back on Missouri's state grape, the Norton. To me, this deep red wine has always tasted like dirt, literally. I don't even sample them anymore when we do wine tasting because I have the mindset that I won't like it. But this year, I want to give the Norton a second chance. I'm going to really search for its appeal and embrace its natural intense flavors. Hopefully after trying around 100 Missouri Nortons I will at least have a better appreciation for the wine.

This year Michael and I will plan many of our own wine trail adventures. Since Missouri only has 8 official wine trails, we will have to create our own to maximize our time and reach all the wineries off the beaten path. Sometimes planning the trip is half the fun. Along with new wineries, we will hopefully find lots of new campgrounds, restaurants and attractions while navigating Missouri's wine regions.

Michael's lifetime goal is to become a professional vintner. This year he will work on this goal by seeking out console and expertise from well-established wine makers in Missouri. From past experience, we have come to find that most wine makes in Missouri are very friendly and eager to offer advice to up and coming vintners. Michael will try to meet as many wine makers and keep a journal of the advice they give him.

Drink more wine and make more toasts!

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