Friday, May 24, 2013

Missouri Wine Passport

Living in Missouri has its perks for wine lovers. Not only are there over 100 wineries in the state, the Missouri Wine Passport Program actually rewards you for visiting them. Each winery is so unique and has many reason to visit, but this extra incentive program may encourage you to get out to more wineries than you had planned. Last year, we participated in this program and visited 62 wineries and got our passport stamped at each. This year, our goal is to visit ALL of the Missouri wineries. At the moment, we have been to 17 which isn't terrible considering the bad weather that keep us stuck at home on so many weekends this Spring.

Now that the warm weather has broken, we are going to kick it into overdrive. I am a big fan of the new smart phone app version of the Missouri Wine Passport Program. Last year, we had over 50 paper-booklet passports laying around the house. Each book only held about 8 stamps, so this app really cuts back on paper waste and is convenient. If you're going to be visiting Missouri wineries this summer, you might as well get on board with this incentive program. There are less prizes this year, but they are still really great!

NEW Passport Levels and Rewards for 2013:
Level 1—10 winery visits
Reward: Official certificate

Level 2—30 winery visits
Reward: Private/VIP tour and wine tasting for 8 people at a participating winery

Level 3—60 winery visits
Reward: Wine and Food Experience for 10 people at a participating winery

Level 4—100 winery visits
Reward: Exclusive Century Club Dinner; includes VIP, red carpet event for passport participants (and one guest per participant) with winemakers and industry experts in attendance. To be held on a pre-determined date in early 2014.

Wish us luck as we thrive to make it to over 100 wineries this year! CHEERS.

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