Thursday, March 28, 2013

MO Wine Madness

With all this bracket madness in the air, we wanted to get in on the fun too this March. And of course, our minds went straight to wine! We love the idea of doing a full blow bracket including wines from all the regions of Missouri, but sadly we didn't have the time to or alcohol tolerances to make that happen. We decided to do a mini bracket, just 4 wines, and focus on a specific varietal, Vignoles. We went with Vignoles because it’s a classic Missouri white wine that makes us think of spring, flowers, and winery hopping. We chose 4 wineries completely randomly (well, if they were on Friar Tuck’s shelves, they were in the running.) Our contestants in the first ever Best Vignoles March Madness Bracket Challenge are….. (We’re going to work on that name!) Adam Puchta Vignoles, Stone Hill Vignoles, Westphalia Osage Innocence (Vignoles), and Robller Vignoles

These wines will face each other in a double elimination bracket. Michael and I will both have our brackets guessing the outcome. (There may or may not be money on this!) We will blind taste sample the 2 dueling wines in each round and won’t know how the bracket went or who the winner is until the end. Don’t worry; we won’t have all the fun. We want to know what you think too. We’ll post the dueling wines on Facebook, and you can see how your bracket comes out too! Let the madness begin! Follow all the fun HERE!

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